ENKA Membership

For membership, the copy of your identification document.
For corporate membership, signature circular, tax board and copy of the identification document of company official.

Payment of Membership Fee

ŞUBE NO : 448
TR 74 0006 2000 4480 0006 2991 42

Submission of the documents to ENKA

All these documents should be submitted to ENKA in a complete form by way of cargo or delivery by hand.

Activating the Membership

On the day the documents are delivered to ENKA in a complete form, your membership is activated and “user name” and “password” are sent to you via an SMS.


  • Notification is sent by ENKA via an SMS for the vehicles favorited by the members.
  • The payments are made in maximum 5 business days.
  • Auction time is 30 minutes.
  • Vehicle shall be delivered.


  • Closed bidding results are awaited.
  • Closed bidding results are awaited.
  • Payments are made in maximum 2 business days.
  • Vehicle is delivered after notary sales transaction.