Enka Motorlu Araçlar AS; Is a quarter century old company that believes that its capital is a human resource and does not compromise on the road with this principle. All candidates are assessed for reliability and validity by applying validated assessment tools to determine their position and whether they are suitable for the ENKA cult. By acting fairly and objectively in absolute surveillance, timely and accurate information is provided.

If you are planning to make your career in this sector, which is located somewhere between automotive and insurance, establishing damaged vehicle solution systems; Team spirit, change and development constantly openness, seeking knowledge and learning, systematic and strategic thinking, team spirit and humility are the most valid concepts for you, your right place to share your resume! ..



For a Happy Career;

  • Find what you love to do and direct all the energy to do it.
  • Identify possible targets. You can not catch a goal you've never seen.
  • Be open to new and correct ideas.
  • Check your mind.
  • Trust yourself. You think you manage events.
  • Discipline your life and your body.
  • Get rid of your fears. The universe is with the brave.
  • Race yourself, not with others.
  • Be useful to others regardless of your interests.