ENKA MOTORLU ARAÇLAR AŞ has been established in 1992 to provide corporate solutions for damaged vehicles in the insurance sector. In 28 years in which the company has been active, it has provided service to the leading institutions in the sector. ENKA buys the scrap vehicles of the insurance companies with which it has an agreement over the market value of the vehicle (as it reaches above 40%). It sells the purchased vehicles to its members with open or closed bidding procedures under the projects of PertPlus and PertNet and delivers them from its own garages or from service stations.

ENKA, provides different and flexible solutions to the valuation of damaged vehicles belonging to insurance companies and has become a leader in the sector with the adoption of the projects by the insurance companies and the insured. ENKA aims to develop its current solutions with regard to the removal of problems experienced by the insurance companies and the insured on operation, logistics and bureaucratic transactions and relieve the burden in the damage branch of the sector.